🔥So proud of Endeavor today!!!! 🚀 Success @Festival of Champions!!!

🏆 4th place with 8,1 in the 5 yr old Preliminary test in a class of top quality youngsters!

I’m so grateful and happy to be able to compete with such a top youngster here at Festival of Champions!! ...💞

Thank you so much Nasrin Mani ❤️

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Huge Congratulations to my Wonderful Client , Whitney Vess !!!
On the Purchase of

⚜️🌟Just a Dream🌟⚜️
Beautiful 7 year old KWPN by Desparado.
He truly is a dream and I can’t wait to begin this amazing journey with you 🤩

Thank you so much to ...Jessica Umansky Greenstein and Joseph Newcomb , Mckenzie Milburn
and Exclusive Dressage Imports !! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you on this perfect purchase!!! This is going to be one amazing journey!!

Thank you all so much 😍
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What an incredible day when my Beautiful Roeckl gloves arrive !!!! Thank you so much to the entire Team at Roeckl for your amazing support and these beautiful equestrian gloves. ❤️ #teamroeckl #roecklequestrian #roecklgloves #fineequestrianglovesever #bestglovesever @bieler.laura @evaholjevac ...#roecklequestrianusa 🇺🇸🇩🇪

🏆🥇Endeavor Successful again!🥇🏆

Endeavor wins both 5 yr old FEI classes again with scores up to 8,5 !!! I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of this spectacular and talented horse!! His progress over the last 3 months is nothing short of amazing!!
He “Wows” the ...crowd and everyone who sees him with his big powerful and elastic gaits.
I can’t keep thinking how grateful I am to have such a great new partner in my program to develop for our future ❤️❤️
Thank you again to his owner Nasrin Mani and Michellie Jones who came and supported us this weekend, we loved having you there and truly enjoyed our time together!!
Thank you so much to Yasmine Johnson who took care of him like the champion he is!!! To everyone back home who keeps our ship sailing when we’re away!!! 💗💗

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🏆🥈 Rondoro Noblesse Successful !

I am so proud of my amazing stallion today 🥈🏆 In the Lövstra Future Challenge Cup for Developing Grand Prix horses with a 71,2% !!!! Adequan Global Dressage Festival.
After having a little scare at the camera man as we tried to rode by, he... then totally put his trust in me as we rode into the arena down centerline and managed to still complete a extremely good test!!! With lots of 8’s as highlights in our test. I am so extremely proud of him and we both learned so much for the future!! He is such a future superstar !! Especially as we work on moving forward to our Goals this season 💗
I am so grateful and happy to be able to ride such an amazing and talented partner ❤️❤️ Thank you so much to my village of amazing friends and supporters always standing behind us❤️

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Thank you Charlotte Bredahl , for all your support in help in our development. Candice Dymek
Eric Dymek Cassandra Rabini Michelle Filsinger Thank You so much for coming to watch us Michael DeLuna Keri Woodward to Ernest Woodward our amazing Shoer !!! Michael DeLuna. Andrea Straub Michaela Himsl @havens_horsefeed @havenshorsefeedusa @roecklequestrian @roecklsports @performance.refinery @equinematrix @soloequine @dressagesportboots @customzadels @customsaddlery

⚜️⚜️Exciting News !!⚜️⚜️
⚜️🏆Rubinio NRW 🏆⚜️

Standing at stud For North American Breeders 2021 💫

Our amazing Stallion Rubinio is now retired from the International arena and is now Available for breeding in North America @ Dreamscape Farms ...🇺🇸
My amazing Ruby has given me so much !! My first big Championships. WYHBCH at both 5 and 6 years old!! Qualifying with a 8,9 ✨ Bundeschampionat in Warendorf, My first team spot being named to the United States Nations Cup Teams 3 times!!! Also our first Big Tour Win at a CDI in France with over 74% !!! He was the most majestic and impressive Stallion I have ever owned. He made things possible for me I could have only ever dreamed of !!! I Wow!! The places you took me all over Europe!!
The Stallion shows where you were applauded and celebrated like the King you are !!
I miss him so much but my heart is incredibly full knowing I have found someone like Jennifer at Dreamscape Farms to give him the most amazing retirement and Breeding opportunities here in North America.
I feel very blessed to have found such an amazing place for him !! Thank you so much Jennifer Travis Arnoldt
and Ashley for making this all come together 💗💗 This is what Dreamscape Farms has said about our beautiful Rubinio NRW ******* Dreamscape Farm is thrilled to welcome the one and only Rubinio NRW!!! Go to @dreamscapefarm to read the rest ❤️ @kasteldenmark @equizen_pro @dressagenews1 @dressagetoday @eurodressage @hannoveraner.verband @westfalenna @westfalenpferde @pferdesport_westfalen @dressagesportboots @customzadels @customsaddlery @roecklsports @roecklgloves @roecklequestrian @equizen_pro @equinematrix @performance.refinery @oldenburger_pferdezuchtverband

We had the best weekend ever training our amazing horses at Rowan O'Riley’s beautiful stables Fair Sky Farm in Whit Fences. We are truly enjoying every minute here !! Thank you so much Rowan for allowing us to share your paradise 💖
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Absolutely the best saddle there is!!!! Custom has a different saddle for each type of horse and rider!!! I’m absolutely obsessed with them ❤️❤️

Beautiful Memories and photos from Drachten, NED , CDI3* 2016
Rubinio NRW
Florentinus V

I feel so incredibly grateful to have been named to the USEF Kundrun development program with my Rondoro Noblesse. What an honor to be included on the amazing group of riders. ❤️Bring it on 2021❤️

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USEF Dressage Announces Updated Elite, Pre-Elite, and Development Member Lists

USEF Dressage Announces Updated Elite, Pre-Elite, and Development Member Lists by US Equestrian Communications Department | Dec 18, 2020, 3:50 PM EST...

🏆Success @ Dressage Desert CDI3*-W🏆

It felt so good to be out competing again!!!
Rondoro Noblesse did his very first Medium Tour International and placed 2nd just shy of 69% each time with many many amazing highlights!! One very unfortunate rider error on the second day caused a... huge 2% score drop because of a missed movement 🤯🙈 Sorry Rudy. 🤷🏼‍♀️ My mistake 😔. But this horse is amazing !! His quality is so impressive with so much incredible energy for the difficult movements and with more routine he is becoming an amazing force to reckon with for the future , I am so incredibly grateful that I am able to sit on such a beautiful stallion each and every day ❤️🇺🇸🏆
Who I am most proud of is my amazing student and dearest friend Michelle Filsinger and her stallion Bellmeier. She did her first Intermediaire I “EVER “ and scored just shy of 68% WINNING her huge and very competitive Class!!!!! I cannot begin to put into words how incredibly happy and overjoyed I am with her success ! She has worked so hard and I love watching this woman full of fire go out there and ride so professional and competitive!!! ❤️❤️
Love you 😘
Our student Tiffany Silverman brought her gorgeous Vincenzo back out after a longer break for two 2nd places in the very competitive PSG open tests! This pair is definitely one you want to be watching coming up the levels !! What an exciting team !!! Tiffany is coached by Jürgen and they have a lot of plans for 2021 !! 🏅🏅🏅
So Onward to next weekend where we’re all back at it in the CDI Arena !!!
Wish us Luck ! 🤞🏼🍀🐉🐴🇺🇸🏅
Cassandra Rabini Eric DymekAndrea StraubMichaela HimslCandice Dymek Charlotte Bredahl

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